Submission of Nominations

Nominations for all awards must be made on the online nomination form.

The nominee’s resume and two reference letters can be uploaded on the online nomination form.


Nominations must be received no later than February 1.

For a description of the award, click the award name below:

Achievement Award

Objective:  To honor individual members of THIMA who demonstrate administrative capability, innovation, leadership, and creativity.

Who Qualifies: HIM professionals who are paving the way to the 21st century by embracing new ideas, exploring visionary approaches to practice, and applying health information principles to new job markets; individuals who have demonstrated leadership or introduced innovation and creativity to current practice and have made substantial contributions to the field.

Champion Award

Objective:  To recognize individuals whose long-term and enthusiastic support of THIMA has advanced THIMA’s capacity to achieve its mission.

Who Qualifies:  Individuals, groups, or corporations who have worked tirelessly to support the HIM profession by advancing THIMA’s activities and leadership position.  Nominees do not have to be THIMA members.

Distinguished Member Award

Objective:  To identify and honor members of the Tennessee Health Information Management Association (THIMA) for their exceptional service to the association and their contributions to the profession.

Who Qualifies:  A member in good standing of AHIMA and THIMA or, if an inactive member, one who was a member in good standing at the time of retirement.  The member will have made significant contributions to the field through dedicated volunteer service, innovative professional practice, education, research, or publishing.  The categories on which the nominee will be evaluated include but need not be limited to the following:  association activities on the local, state, and national levels to include offices held, committee activities, delegate to AHIMA, publications, and teaching, and contributions to the profession as an HIM leader.

Mentor/Educator Award

Objective:  To recognize individuals who have long records of encouraging students or colleagues to become all they can be and who have helped them find ways to achieve their best.

Who Qualifies:  Those rare professional colleagues and friends who touch our lives and launch us toward new horizons.   HIM professionals who prepare the next generation of professionals for their Health Information Management careers.

Motivator Award

Objective:  To applaud excellence in clinical supervision; to honor the commitment and expertise of those who demonstrate excellence in clinical supervision.

Who Qualifies:  Individuals who support the Health Information Administration and Health Information Technology programs in Tennessee.

Outstanding Vendor Award

Objective: To recognize a vendor that has shown continued support of THIMA and the HI Profession.

Who qualifies: Vendors who have

  • Promoted the HI profession for 2 or more years
  • Participated in THIMA events (booth at annual meeting)
  • Sponsored a THIMA event (provide door prizes, sponsor breaks or lunch, provide a speaker)
  • Partnered with THIMA on shared activities/initiatives for members

Rising Star Award

Objective:  To recognize and encourage individuals who have the potential to make significant contributions to the profession as their career unfolds.

Who Qualifies:  HIM professionals credentialed within the last seven years who demonstrate significant potential for future leadership, innovation, creativity, and administrative capacity.

Visionary Award

Objective:  The Visionary Award is presented to those whose work demonstrates any or all qualities of exceptional foresight, creativity, advocacy, and vision, that furthers the research and development in the HIM field. Examples of visionary work include:

  • Furthering the development and use of health informatics technology
  • Positioning the HIM profession as a leading force in the healthcare industry
  • Paving the way to new HIM roles in all healthcare settings
  • Employing HIM practice in careers not limited to the healthcare profession.

Who Qualifies: Visionary Award honors an individual, institution, or project that has made a unique and distinctive contribution to the field of Health Information Management (HIM).

Volunteer Award

Objective:  To recognize leaders who make significant volunteer contributions on behalf of THIMA.

Who Qualifies:  Volunteers who have served THIMA and have demonstrated distinctive leadership qualities.  Their efforts have led to a significant accomplishment that advanced the HIM field or addressed the needs of THIMA members.