The mission of the THIMA Foundation is to be the pre-eminent foundation in health information leadership, policy and research for the healthcare industry and the public in the State of Tennessee.

The THIMA Foundation is being established for these purposes:

  1. To conduct and sponsor educational programs of all types;
  2. To foster the accumulation and exchange of health information to publish and disseminate such information;
  3. To assist, sponsor and encourage individuals pursuing careers in the health care field for the benefit of the general public;
  4. To encourage and to motivate the receipt of grants by deed or will, or in any other matter, money, assistance and any other form of contribution, whether real, personal or mixed property from any and every source, governmental as well as private, and particularly from any person or firm or from any public or private corporation or association of whatsoever nature, to be used in furtherance of the objects of the corporation;
  5. To solicit, collect, receive, accumulate, administer, and disburse funds and property in such a manner which will most effectively operate to further the charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes of the corporation.

THIMA Foundation Donors

THIMA Foundation would like to thank our donors for their generous contributions.

January 2018 – present

First NameLast NameCredentialsOrganizationMaking this donation in
MaryBrosiusRHIT, CCSMemory of Natalie Frady
Peter RogerDeVersa
Kay TaylorHumeMemory of Sara Jane Jones
LelaMcFerrinRHIAMemory of Sara Jane Jones
MaryReevesRHIAMemory of Sara Jane Jones
JulieStevensRHITMemory of Sara Jane Jones