Action – Call for Nominations for WTHIMA

Hello WTHIMA Members,

It is time that we start our call for nominations for the West Tennessee Health Information Management Association’s (WTHIMA) 2022-2023 Officers.

Our Nominating Committee this year consists of the following:

  • Rick Sample, Chair
  • Alyssa Brown
  • Ashley Lewellyng

Once again, we encourage each of our members to give considerable thought to self-nominating or seeking out the person(s) you think would serve our local WTHIMA chapter well in one of the open positions. You will then submit your chosen nominee’s name via the form that is provided with this e-mail blast.

From your nomination submissions, the Committee shall prepare a list of nominees, two (2) or more for each office, at least double the number designated to be elected. The Committee shall be responsible for considering the qualifications of all candidates proposed for the ballot by individual members and by the members of the Nominating Committee.

Once nominees are chosen, each member will receive a ballot/survey to be completed and submitted back by July 23, 2022.

It goes without saying that 2021-2022 was a challenging year for everyone. All of you were amazing with your open-minded acceptance of our virtual meetings and webinars. We have had great attendance with all of the events offered and look forward to another exciting year ahead. We have no foresight into what lies ahead for the 2022-2023 but we do know that this organization will not only prevail but will be a shining light for the WTHIMA Chapter.